02 January, 2013

goose, yer new year

so i received a goose from a friend this year. i think i'll treat it like duck in the preparation. it seems to have ample fat, goose fat will be nice for a change. but back to present situation; i parted it out yesterday and made stock, i have two breasts and two legs and thighs, both are awaiting an inspiration to be cooked  into something delicious. i think i'll confit the leg/ thighs and saute the breasts.

the stock has been said to be delicious, i roasted the carcass along with mirepoix and fresh thyme. there was a large amount of fat rendered for roasting potatoes, i have an idea where this going. i also still have the liver, heart and gizzard in a bag. i see that going into a delicious rillet with one of the confit'ed legs. the other confit'ed leg will probably maybe go into a pot of cassoulette, along with some sausage and whatever  other bits i can pull together.. i think i need to study the literature a bit more and discuss the possible outcomes with my sous chef before i go any  further. I'm just the creative guy she's the one in charge.

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