05 December, 2012

lamb, not mutton.

lamb on buns

boneless leg of lamb
African spice blend
olive oil

dried black mission figs
red wine
caramelized onions
fresh chevre cheese

buns, (preferably small and dense enough to handle the juice)

  • take 2-3 lb boneless leg of lamb out of 'sock', it usually is comes boned and rewrapped in a cotton netting, salt and pepper and rub with an aromatic african spice blend: cardamon, cloves, cinnamon, fresh ginger and garlic, cumin, sumac, cayenne. coriander...etc coat in olive oil( 3 tbsp)  tie into dense bundle and place in hot oven, reduce heat to 300 F and roast to medium/med rare. for maybe 1 hour or more,  to an internal temp of 120 F or less. rest and slice.
  • prepare fig compote by reconstituting figs in warm red wine for 2 hours or more, salt pepper , maybe a little honey. bring to boil on stovetop, reduce heat to simmer and cook until soft, puree and hold.
  • carmelize onion by heating slowly to a dark brown and sticky consistency(30+ minutes)
  • to serve, warm buns, place 2-3 oz sliced, warmed lamb on on bun, dollop of both compote and caramelized onion , add a knob of fresh goat cheese and serve open faced.

23 November, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

entree: roasted spatch-cocked*  whole chicken  with herb stuffing, including bacon and meatballs(my 7 yr old son's idea)

sides: roasted asparagus
          bacon braised green beans
          pureed sweet potatoes
          garlic mashed potatoes
          cranberry relish
          pan gravy

wine: 2011 dearly beloved table red, central coast California

* this is an actual term for  a semi, de-boned bird, drumsticks and wings are left intact. the breast bone ,ribs, spine and thigh bones are removed.
recipes and procedures to follow.


06 June, 2012

summertime, a reason to cook for friends

i'm ready for jasmine lime green tea, roasted vegetable ratatouille, and maybe some over-cooked meat on the hibachi.  i'll get to that stuff in a little bit.
 i don't feel like writing, i should at least shoot out a photo. i'll find one later.

good afternoon