13 October, 2011

beyond the microwave

i was recently enlisted to solve a problem, or perceived a problem and sought to solve it.

Q: what did professional chefs do before there were microwaves and  secondly why isn't there a microwave in your kitchen?

A: it's not as complex as you think. steam.heat
steam is hot, hotter than water and it penetrates many foods. some people would think hot oil and deep fryers are another rapid cooking technique and they are. the risks outweigh the benefits and another thing, i don't like hot fat and it's stench in my kitchen, oh and the clean-up is lousy.
there are table top steamers, there are stovetop steamers, you can saute` in a pan and add a cooking liquid and cover.  there you have it.... fast and simple but maybe too simple. just start thinking about steam a little bit more.

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  1. interesting. i once asked a friend who used to work in a factory some 20 years ago how she "reheated" her lunch. back then they used those kinds of stainless steel containers and everyone would put their lunchbox in a big steamer and steam the lunches altogether! My family back in Hong Kong opposes to using microwave so the first time I owned a microwave was when I moved here to the US.


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