24 June, 2010

so you want to be a cook

i won't dissuade you, but i can tell what my mother said to me when i started this journey. i was a college drop-out at 21 and got a summer job. when i finally told her i wasn't going back to college in the fall; she said, "you know, you're not going to have a normal family life, always working during the dinner hours, i just don't know i you want that kind of life" she was right and maybe i never wanted a 'normal life'. my wife has put up with my frequent job changes and even indulged me for family gatherings. it hasn't been easy, but it has been rewarding.

if you want the short course in line cooking you can read something from anthony bourdain or rent a dvd of ratatouille. that's what i recommend, that and getting a job a breaking your back working a hot 8 burner stove for a 12 hour shift. but what does have to do with me? i am a humble servant working to feed a family of two children and a wife by cooking. like i said, i started this career at 21 and in that time have had by rough count maybe 20 jobs in my 25 years. it hasn't been all fun and games(well, maybe a little), but i love what i do and i can make a kickass bowl of soup. do you really want hear the dirt?, i can't tell who or what i know about good cooks and chefs that are my friends. it's a tight little group and i'm not in a position to alienate those who have trusted me with information.

i'll keep you posted and maybe fill you in if you get to know me. loose lips sink ships, baby!

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