06 October, 2014

re-writing the menu

i am currently employed at  a restaurant. i guess you could say i was re-hired, i had worked there twenty years ago. when i began again the owner told me they were 'in transition'; the menu is being re-written, a few recipes will be tightened up and change will happen. this is in my skill set, along with 'working with difficult people' and 'taking abuse with a smile'.

the restaurant is a place that has been open since 1933 and represents a beer brand that has been around since 1857. i haven't seen all the menus, but a beer and sandwich has been the theme. the owners have decided that standard 'bar food'  should not be the focus. so we are sticking with a German- American theme(which it always had) and bringing in a few healthier options and more in-house recipes.

so the testing phase and the inclusion of necessary team members has begun. the menu changes are running towards cost and efficiency of preparation,  gonna loose a few clunkers and gain a few new best sellers and full dessert menu. we'll try to dodge the sports bar theme, it was never evident on the menu. I like to think 'sports bars' and 'brew pubs' copied this place. here's how i'm attacking it...

  •  look at the menu and take off the undersold/unpopular items.
  •  look at the kitchen on a typical busy service night. which station is over stressed?
  •  which items are kinda a pain in the ass to prepare? 
  • which recipes can be tweaked to add value and flavor?
  • what are customers asking for that you don't have? 
 so that's what i'll be doing for the next couple of weeks, a little remodeling.

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