28 March, 2011

chili, as american as pizza or chow mein

chili cook-offs, chili feeds, that's how we know it's an American original, when they make it a spectacle. i have a love hate relationship with chili. i've been working on a recipe for about 20 years and although i like the result, i'm not convinced that it's the best it can be. this recipe works best if you don't think of it as that stuff that comes in a can from Hormel. the ingredients are similar to what i would put in an authentic Mexican mole`. i did enter the recipe (or part of it) in a contest and received a 4th place.


2 medium size poblano peppers
1 red bell pepper
roast/char skin over open flame, put peppers into covered container and steam( 30 minutes or 'til cool) de-seed and peel skins
2 tsp each coriander seed and whole cumin seed
toast in dry pan and grind in mortar and pestle
1 large onion, chopped
1-2 tbsp minced garlic
salt and pepper
saute` till colored and add
2 cups canned or fresh(in season) diced tomatoes
reserved peppers diced
1 small can green chile`
2 tbsp powdered ancho chile
toasted/ground cumin and coriander seed from above
enough liquid/stock to cover
cook over medium heat 20 minutes
remove to crock pot/slow cooker cook for 2-3 hours
1 lb browned ground beef
[or 8 oz tempeh( fermented soy product)]
2(1 lb) cans black beans
heat till warmed through
serve garnished with rice or tortillas
and avocado, sour cream or goat cheese

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