31 July, 2010

the last month and then last night

work has been good, hottest july in recent memory. I cook five nights a week in kitchen temperatures from 90-115 degrees F. ..... it takes alot out of you. this is my chosen profession and i have done it before. people like what i cook and the pay and backend compensation is good. i eat great food , i mingle with beautiful people and the pretension level is minimal. my life is fantastic, i work till midnight, have a drink, go to sleep at 2 or 3 am and some days i even get the required sleep.

last night i made a delicious dinner at home. not all that expensive or difficult but just what my wife and i needed.

  • sweet corn
  • tomato, basil garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with goat cheese and french bread
  • salad of saute`d chicken breast, avocado, fresh goat cheese garnished with cilantro, green onion and lime juice over mache` and baby greens in a walnut/gorganzola/garlic vinaigrette

i like sweet corn and tomatoes at this time of year and the basil was from the garden. i still short ordered something up for the children(ages 3 and 6 years), but overall it was a nice dinner and fit for a professional cook as well as presented nicely and served in courses, we took a good hour to eat, which was nice. then we watched a little movie and went to bed.

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